The Journal of Applied Testing Technology (JATT)


Journal of Applied Testing Technology, sponsored by the Association of Test Publishers, is a scholarly journal committed to disseminating research related to technological applications and advances in educational and psychological measurement. Its intended audience includes practitioners and researchers interested in research about technology's impact on applied measurement topics. A goal of the journal is to increase dialogue and improve psychometric practice in applied settings.

Types of manuscripts that will be considered for publication in the Journal of Applied Testing Technology include a) original, applied research focusing on educational or psychological measurement topics related to technology considerations, b) innovative approaches for solving or responding to applied educational or psychological measurement problems, and c) synthesized reviews of research related to technological applications in testing. The editors also welcome proposals for special issues dealing with applied educational and psychological measurement topics that are related to technology.

Manuscript submission: Electronically submit your manuscript in Microsoft Word format to  or  with "JATT Manuscript Submission" in the subject line. Only original manuscripts submitted to Journal of Applied Testing Technology will be considered for publication. The submission email should include the corresponding author's contact information and a statement indicating that the manuscript is not being simultaneously being considered by another journal.

Format and Organization: Manuscripts should be generally prepared according to the guidelines in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.). Single-space text will be accepted. On the first page, include the title of the manuscript, the names and affiliations of author, a running head (i.e., shortened version of the title), and a conflict of interest disclosure (see below). On the second page, provide a 100-175 word abstract. On the first text page, include the title of the manuscript. Although there is no fixed page limit for submissions, we recommend that submissions generally range from 12-15 pages if single-spaced (25-30 pages, if double-spaced), excluding the title page, abstract, tables, figures, and references.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure: To inform readers of real or perceived conflicts of interest by sponsor(s) of the research and/or the author(s), a Conflict of Interest Disclosure statement is required on the title page. This statement will include: a) the sponsor of the research and b) the relationship of the author(s) to the sponsor.

Permissions: Authors are responsible for all statements made in their work and for obtaining permission from copyright owners to use a lengthy quotation (500 words or more) or to reprint or adapt a table or figure published elsewhere. Authors should write to both author(s) and publisher of such material to request nonexclusive world rights in all languages for use in the article and in future editions of it.

Figures and Tables: All figures and tables should be numbered separately using Arabic numerals and be embedded in the text of the manuscript. Figures must be professionally prepared and camera-ready. Refer to the Publication Manual of the APA for format of tables.

References: Compile references alphabetically (see Publication Manual of APA). Spell out names of journals. Provide page number for chapters in edited books. Text citations must correspond accurately to the references in the reference list.

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