Call for Papers

The Journal of Applied Testing Technology (JATT) is issuing a CALL FOR PAPERS on Alternative Item Types.

The topics of interest for this special issue include empirical and practical applications focusing on, but not limited to, Alternative Item Types and:

  • Scoring and analysis
  • Validity research
  • Content development and working with SMEs
  • Item design and usability
  • Data issues
  • Principled item development
  • Applications of automatic item generation (AIG) to alternative item types

Abstracts of 500 words based on completed or in-progress research as well as practical applications are requested by April 2. While we know that AITs are not inherently better than traditional item types, we also know that they can have different item performance (bias, difficulty, response time, discrimination, guessing, memorability). The more we learn about these item performance factors, the better we can design our AITs. We look forward to receiving your submissions for this special issue of JATT. For further information on this special issue or your questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Kirk Becker at, Dr. Dianne Henderson at, or Holly Garner at Holly Garner at

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